1973 Honda CB750 K3
1971 Honda CB750K1 in
model summary
The K3 representated a continuation of the previous year's K2 with no significant mechanical or styling changes, except for new tank striping. However, numerous small changes focusing on enhancing usability and safety were implemented.
1 New petrol tank striping
2 Switch blocks modified;
• Kill switch rotated through 90ยบ to prevent accidental activation
• Indicator switch given mid-travel position for partial activation
• High/low beam switch moved from right to left switch block
3 Colours: Flake Sunrise Orange, Candy Bucchus Olive, Maxim
Brown Metallic
1 Oil ring rails and spacer modified
2 Dedicated fuse box provided for fuses of 5, 7 and 15 amps
3 Clutch lock-out to prevent starting in gear with clutch engaged
running gear
1 Plastic splash guard added to front disc
2 Running lights integrated with front turn signals
3 Rear shock adjustment positions increased from 3 to 5
4 Lining wear indicator added to rear drum brake