1975 Honda CB750 K5/F0
1975 CB750 K5
1975 Honda CB750 K5 in Planet Blue Metallic
model summary
The K5 continued the  process of steady, incremental improvement of the model. All changes were minor and focused on improving safety and usability. For example, larger indicators were fitted and the fuel tap switched to the left side of tank.
1 Speedometer calibrated in increments of 10 mph instead of 20
2 Bigger "Gold Wing" style indicators with running light filament
3 Colours: Planet Blue Metallic, Flake Apricot Red
1 Fuel tap moved from right to left-hand side of tank
running gear
1 Fork seals changed to anti-friction type
2 Friction adjuster on twistgrip dropped
3 Rubber "flip-up" tip added to side-stand
4 Pillion footrests now round
1975 CB750 F0
1975 Honda CB750F0 Super Sport in Candy Sapphire Blue
model summary
The CB750 F0 Super Sport was the first attempt by Honda to significantly refresh the four and give it a more dynamic and sporting image. Initally the bike was to replace the previous K series but weak sales and the subsequent dealer complaints made Honda reinstate the four-piper in the form of the K5.
1 New tank shape and sidepanels
2 New seat with integrated tail cowling
3 New instrument cluster
4 Colours: Flake Sunrise Orange, Candy Sapphire Blue
1 Four-into-one exhaust added
2 New cylinder head with sportier camshaft
3 Higher compression pistons
4 Clutch basket and plates reinforced
5 Gearbox ratios changed and endless final drive chain fitted
6 Reshaped airbox, slightly rounder
running gear
1 New front caliper, same as first used on the 350 Four fitted
2 New front forks
3 11.7 in. rear disc added