1976 Honda CB750 K6/F1/A
1976 CB750 K6
1979 Kawasaki KZ/Z650 B3 in Candy Emerald Green
model summary
The K6 was Honda's reply to the demands from customers and dealers for the return of the four-pipe 750. It suffered minor improvements to the final drive, clutch and caburation.
1 No changes from K5
2 Colours: Candy Antares Red
1 Carburetor throttle stop screw relocated from left to right side
2 40 mm snap ring added to retain clutch outer on primary driven
3 New final drive output shaft
running gear
1 Front brake now secured by USB bolts instead of bolts &
tanged washers
2 Fork tubes now secured in top triple-clamp by 7 mm and not 8
mm bolts
3 Drive chain oiler dropped
4 Grease nipple in swingarm pivot bolt center replaces nipples on
both ends
1976 CB750 F1
model summary
The F1 differed very little from the previous F0 and had only minor changes limited to the engine and bodywork.
1 New colours
2 Front mudguard upper stay removed
3 Colours: Sulpher Yellow, Candy Antares Red
1 Uprated pistons and rings
running gear
No changes from F0
1976 CB750 A
1978 Kawasaki KZ650D in XXXX
model summary
The Hondamatic was introduced in the US as the CB750A (A for automatic) in 1976. The transmission was in fact semi-automatic with the rider changing gear manually. As with an automobile automatic it had a torque converter but this was coupled to a two-speed gearbox.
1 K7 fuel tank with fuel level pickup
2 Differently shaped sidecovers and new seat with grabrail
3 Different instrumentation, no tachometer
4 Colours:
1 Horsepower lowered to 47
2 Compression lowered from K7 model 9.2:1 to 8.6:1
3 24 mm carburettors with accelerator pump on number 2
4 Two stage semi-automatic transmission
5 Morse Hy-vo chain driving torque coverter from crankshaft
6 Wet sump lubrification
running gear
1 DID aluminium wheels from the Gold Wing, 17 in. rear wheel
2 Parking brake and side-stand lock-out provided
3 Drum rear brake