1977 Honda CB750 K7/F2/A1
1977 CB750 K7
1979 Kawasaki KZ/Z650 B3 in Candy Emerald Green
model summary
This was, perhaps, the most refined of all the four pipe fours. The look of the bike was completely changed with new a tank, sidecovers and mufflers.
1 New instrument cluster (same as CB750F1)
2 New tank shape (same as Automatic)
3 New sidecovers
4 Passenger footpegs mounted above mufflers
5 New shape mufflers
6 Colours: Candy Alpha Red, Excel Black
1 F1 engine fitted
2 New caburettors with enclosed slide raising mechanism &
accelerator pump
3 Airbox slightly reshaped to be more rounded
4 Endless chain fitted
running gear
1 New forks without gaiters
2 Rear shock travel increased by 25 mm
3 Rear wheel size reduced to 17 in
4 Wheelbase lengthened by 25 mm over K6
1977 CB750 F2
model summary
The F2 was the ultimate expression of the CB750 and represented the zenith of the bike's development. The engine was breathed on raising the power output to 73 horsepower and creating the "hottest" of all the SOHC fours.
1 New bodywork colours and tank striping
2 Side covers now the same colour as the tank
3 Engine and fork lowers finished in black
4 New alloy footpeg mounts
5 Colours: Candy Presto Red, Black, Blue
1 Larger combustion chamber and higher compression pistons
2 Valve sizes upped: inlet from 31 to 34 mm, exhaust from 28 to 32
3 New camshaft and stronger camchain
4 New rod big-end bolts and bearings
5 New exhaust system
6 Additional fins on crankcase and larger finning on oil-pan
running gear
1 Comstar built-up alloy wheels
2 New front forks with new design twin front disc brakes
3 Rear disc brake altered
1977 CB750 A1
1978 Kawasaki KZ650D in XXXX
model summary
For the second year of production the bike was given a four-into-two exhaust system and a different selection of bodywork colours.
1 Striping on tank and side-covers changed
2 Grab rail removed from seat
3 Step in seat more pronounced
4 Colours: Candy Sword Blue, Candy Presto Red
1 Plastic junction box under bottom triple-clamp dropped
2 Switch to four-into-two exhaust system
running gear
1 Rear damping revised