1971 Kawasaki 500 Mach III H1A
1974 Suzuki GT380L Sebring in Aztec Gold
model summary
Changes to the H1 for 1971 were the result 2 year's experience of production, servicing and use plus the inevitable restyling to freshen up the bike's image. 
Model code: 371
1 Scalloping removed from tank
2 Grey & blue decal panels on tank & sidecovers, outlined in
light blue
3 Colours: Candy Blue (US only), Candy Red (Asia & Europe)
1 Exhaust mounting stubs increased in diameter from 6mm to 8mm
2 CDI signal pickup given more heat resistant insulation
3 Longer oil pump cable fitted
4 Lock added to oil pump pinion to prevent it disconnecting
running gear
1 Composition of rubber handlebar vibration mountings stiffened
2 Fork spring rate changed to reduce "pogo"
3 Damping rate of shocks increased