1972 Kawasaki 500 Mach III H1B
1974 Suzuki GT380L Sebring in Aztec Gold
model summary
The H1B was the last Mach III to retain the original tank and sidecover shape.
1 "Wave" tank decals
2 New front mudguard with no stays
3 New instrument cluster in common wiht the rest of the range
4 New larger indicators
5 Colours: Pearl Candy Orange only
1 Points & coil ignition fitted
2 Compression raised from 6.8:1 to 7.0:1
3 Redesigned airbox with altered inlet tracts to increase silencing
4 Increased exhaust baffling to reduce noise
running gear
1 Switch from drum to disc front brake
2 Front fork sliders made from aluminium
3 Rear drum backing plate finished in black