1976 Kawasaki KH500 A8
1974 Suzuki GT380L Sebring in Aztec Gold
model summary
The tank and duck tail kept the shape of the previous year's model but for 1976 the colour scheme was toned down with safe colours and simple unadventurous striping. This was to be the last year for the model and the bike ended its days as a sensible, sanitised middle-weight, a real come down from the giant killer that caused such a buzz in 1969.
1 Simple striping running along tank bottom then curving up to
steering head
2 Foward reflector mounted under tank nose
3 Seat with more rounded profile
4 Colours: Copper, Deap Burgandy
1 Shift pattern now conventional "one-down, four-up"
2 More restictive air-box and intake tubing
running gear
1 New disc design (same as Z1)
2 New pads