1974 Kawasaki 750 Mach IV H2B
1974 Kawasaki H2B in Candy Lime
model summary
The focus of the H2B was on refreshing and refining the big triple. The bike was given a restyle which left it halfway between the orignial versions of the bike and the final 2C. Modifcations were made to the engine to improve bottom end reliability and gearbox performance.
1 "D" shaped decals on tank
2 Differently shaped tail cowling
3 New instrument cluster with idiot light panel
4 Reshaped seat
5 Oil tank filler cap move from side panel to under seat
6 Colours: Candy Gold, Candy Lime, Candy Brown (US only)
1 Slotted conrods fitted
2 Clutch stengthened to reduce slip
3 Third gear shift fork widened to impove engagement
4 Mufflers slightly longer with a more rounded shape
running gear
1 Friction steering damper replaced by hydraulic type
2 Plunger chain lubrification pump still fitted
3 Wheelbase lengthend by one inch