1974 Kawasaki Z1A 900
1974 Kawasaki Z1A in Candytone Green/Yellow
model summary
The second year of production was marked by changes in the look and finish of the bike. The most obvious change was the switch from a black finish on the engine to natural aluminium.
1 New striping on the tank and ducktail
2 Brake light failure warning lamp placed in tachometer
3 Idiot lights placed in a different order
4 Colours: Candytone Brown/Orange, Candytone Green/Yellow
1 Engine left unpainted
2 Gearing raised
3 Starting enricher jets changed to improve cold behaviour
4 Throttle slides, needle jets & pilots altered to fix off idle stutter
5 Automatic ignition advance changed from 5º to 20º of advance at idle
running gear
1 Softer springs and improved dampers fitted to forks
2 Drive chain oiler dropped
3 "Denselube" final drive chain used
4 Drive chain adjuster bolts increased from 8 to 10 mm