1977 Kawasaki KZ/Z650
1977 KZ/Z650 B1
1977 Kawasaki Z650B1
model summary
The "Baby Zed" was launched in late 1976 to great expectation from the biking public and the press. This was to be the "giant slayer" that would prove that a well designed 650 was more than a match for the 750cc competition. The bike turned out to be well balanced, reliable (its engine was a bullet-proof as that of its 900cc sibling), entertaining and sold well and would remain in the Kawasaki lineup in various guises until the demise of the model in the mid-eighties.
distinguishing features
1 Four-into-two exhaust system
2 Single hydraulic disc front brake
3 Seat cowling extending from tail-light to suspension mounts
4 Colours: Candy Super Red, Candy Emerald Green
1977 KZ/Z650 C1
1977 Kawasaki KZ650C1 in Metallic Regal Blue
model summary
The C1 was basically the B1 modified with the addition of mag wheels and triple disc brakes. It also had an attractive paint scheme (in Moon Dust Silver anyway) and four-way flashing indicators as for hazard warning.
distinguishing features
1 Different paint and striping
2 Mag wheels
3 Twin front disc brakes
4 Single rear disc brake
5 Colours: Moon Dust Silver, Metallic Regal Blue