1976 Suzuki GS750A
model summary
Suzuki presented the GS750, GS550 and GS400 four-strokes in October 1976 in order to meet stiffening emmissions legislation. The bikes broke no new ground technically, except, perhaps, for the use of an automatic cam chain tensioning mechanism. Other than that the 750 represented all that was accepted and conventional in Japanese motorcycle engineering at the time but taken to a new level of refinement. The styling was pleasant and unadventurous with none of the swoopy lines and bold paint of the original Z1, the bike that served as its inspiration. Though conservatively designed the GS was the most refined, balanced and fully developed big road bike to come from Japan up to then, being the first large capacity machine to blend power and handling into a well-rounded package. It was a huge success worldwide, establishing Suzuki as a builder of fine handling bulletproof four-strokes. The '76 bike was for presentation purposes only, the first version officially sold was the 1977 B.
Model code: 450
distinctive features
1 Spoked wheels with single disc brakes front and rear
2 Four-into-two exhaust system
3 Chromed cam cover end-caps
4 Colours: Candy Gypsy Red