1972 Suzuki GT380J Sebring
model summary
The GT380 Sebring and its larger sibling the GT550 Indy were launched in 1972 to complete Suzuki's two-stroke triple lineup. Suzuki pitched the bike as a smallish middleweight tourer and this was reinforced by the bike's size and styling plus its drum brakes and ground clearance robbing exhaust system. Technically the bike followed established Suzuki practice in having horizontally split cases with an integral gearbox and gear primary drive. The engine was, in fact, based on its X6 Hustler cousin with an extra cylinder added to the left side. Bore and stroke were identical and so was the cylinder layout except for minor porting changes.
Model code: 330
distinctive features
Distinctive features of the J model were:
1 Drum front brake (except for late production as shown left)
2 Straight ram air hood
3 Dark lacquer on engine cases
4 Fluted sidepanels
5 Flat bottom to headlight
6 Colours: Jamaica Red, Hawaii Green