1972 Suzuki GT550J Indy
1972 Suzuki GT550J Indy in Aztec Gold
model summary
The 550 (known as the "Indy" in the US) completed Suzuki's triple cylinder lineup and was intended as a solid, reliable tourer, very much in the mould of the other triples.  The engine design was conservative and produced an acceptable but unremarkable 48.5 horsepower, this contrasted with a generous 42.8 ft/lb of torque.
Model code: 340
distinguishing features
1 Headlight with a flat bottom
2 Twin-leading-shoe front brake
3 Straight RAS engine schroud
4 Dark laquer on engine cases
5 Fluted side covers
6 Red rear turn signal lenses
7 Colours: Aztec Gold, Redondo Blue