1973 Suzuki GT550K Indy
1975 Suzuki GT380M Sebring in Gypsy Red
model summary
The big change for 1973 was the addition of a hydraulic front disc brake. As the model settled into use numerous minor changes and updates were made to the engine and running gear.
Model code: 340
1 New paint and striping
2 Amber rear turn signal lenses
3 Colours: Lime Green, Hermosa Blue
1 New rotor and windings fitted to Nippon Denso alternators
(from engine no. 27536)
2 SRIS particle filter changed from plastic (found to melt)
to metal (from engine no. 32854)
3 New spark-plug caps fitted to avoid arcing on RAS hood
(from engine no. 36783)
running gear
1 Hydraulic front disc brake
2 Revised brake caliper pistons, seals and pads fitted to eliminate
squeaking (from engine no. 32292)