1974 Suzuki GT750L Le Mans
model summary
For the third year of production the Le Mans suffered only cosmetic changes. They were aimed at bringing the look of the bike into the mainstream of biking styling, the result  was a clean, conventional looking bike, handsome but nothing earth shattering.
Model code: 312
1 New paint and striping
2 New sidecovers, no slits, airbox side panels visible and chromed
3 Digital gear indicator added and idiot lights placed below it
4 Colours: Flake Orange, Flake Blue
1 Mikuni CV carbs used for first time
2 Air filter changed from paper to polyeurathane
3 Plastic grill applied to radiator, endcaps squared
4 New mufflers, black endcones no longer used
running gear
1 New composition disk pads
2 Conventional Showa rear shocks replace DeCarbon type
3 Fork gaiters no longer used
4 New composition Bridgestone tyres front and rear