1975 Suzuki GT750M Le Mans
model summary
Major changes occured for the '75 model year. More power gained by an increase in compression ratio. Transmission components were upgated to increase reliability under increased power. Overall styling remained the same as the previous year except a change in striping.
Model code: 316
1 New paint and striping
2 Colours: Candy Gypsy Red 3 (Europe), Jewel Grey Metallic
1 Increase in horsepower to 70 
2 Clutch plates made from aluminium substrate not resin
3 Final drive gearing changed to 16 tooth / 43 tooth 
4 Porting revised; intake port lowered, exhaust port raised
5 Compession ratio raised from 6.7:1 to 6.9:1
running gear
1 New composition disk pads and full rubber brake hoses
3 Fork gaiters no longer used
4 Conventional Showa rear shocks replace DeCarbon type
5 Short chrome upper shroud fitted to shocks
6 New composition Bridgestone tyres front and rear