1976 Suzuki GT750A Le Mans
model summary
Presented in May 1975, the A was essentaily the same bike as the M. Visually the most noticable difference was a new tank with greater capacity and a lockable cover. The A was to become the best selling of all the GT750s in the UK and Europe.
Model code: 316
1 New style tank , same as fitted to GT 500
2 Sidecovers and tank painted the same colour
3 Colours: Coronado Blue (Maui Blue), Candy Calypso Red
(Ontario Orange), Jewel Grey
1 No cooling fan
2 Fuel petcock given new seals to cure leakage
3 Second and third gear raised
running gear
1 Brake disc diameter increased from 11.00 to 11.75 inches
2 Caliper clamp bolt heads smooth not knurled
3 Brake master cylinder in clear plastic