1977 Suzuki GT750B Le Mans
model summary
The big triple bowed out of the Suzuki lineup just as the transition to four strokes got underway. In fact the paint scheme mirrored the new GS range with black sidecovers and chromed airbox covers.
Model code: 316
1 GS 750 front mudguard; chromed with no stays
2 Black sidecovers, same as the rest of the GT and GS ranges
3 GS style tail light and turn signals
4 Instrument faces in brown
5 Colours: Black, Gypsy Red Metallic, Candy Gypsy Red, Maui Blue
1 New upper crankcase with "V" shaped notch in rear mount
2 Gear indicator switch housing changed from plastic to alloy
3 Final drive ratios changed
running gear
No changes from 1976