1976 Yamaha RD400C
1972 Suzuki GT550J Indy in Astec Gold
model summary
After the resounding success of the RD350 Yamaha contined the same formula (light, plenty of grunt and tight handling) with the launch of the RD400 in 1976.  The bike immediately gained great press because of its fine handling, balanced feel and torquey, refined powerplant. It was also the first bike to be offered with mag wheels (although some of the very first examples had spoked wheels). The model remained on sale until the appearance of the liquid cooled RD350LC in 1980.
distinguishing features
1 Rectangular "coffin" fuel tank
2 Tank striping repeated on side covers
3 Mag wheels
4 Front disc brake caliper behind right-hand fork leg
5 Rectangular brake fluid reservior
6 Rear disc brake
7 Flexible exhaust coupling between header pipes and mufflers
(early bikes had a solid joint-see example left).
8 Colours:
USA: Chappy Red, Geneva Green
Other: Low Gloss Black, Brilliant Red, Marine Blue