1973 Yamaha TX500
model summary
The TX500 was Yamaha's third four-stroke twin and was proudly presented as a technical tour de force with its twin overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder and vibration damping "Omni-Phase Balancing System". Apart from the engine the rest of the motorcycle was conventional and typical of the Yamaha range at the time. After the initial buzz had died down, and the bike was bought and used, reliability problems began to appear. The complex alloy cylinder head was prone to leaking, the carburetors stuttered when suddenly opened at small throttle settings and the counterbalancing system needed adjustment every 6000 miles without fail, this requiring the alternator to be removed first. The bike was handsome, quite quick, and lively to ride but was never a big seller, even so Yamaha kept it in their range until the end of 1978.
Model code: 371
distinctive features
Distinctive features of the A model were:
1 Single front disc brake
2 Twin upswept mufflers
3 Rectangular cambox covers
4 Imitation black painted grills on sidecovers
5 Colours: Metallic Black, Baja Brown