1975 Yamaha XS500B
1975 Yamaha XS500B in XYZ
model summary
This was the first year the bike appeared as the XS500 in an attempt to distance the it from the disasterous TX750 and to bring all four-strokes under one lable. Along with the renaming Yamaha attempted to resolve the bikes unsatisfactory carburation with numerous changes to the carbs themsleves, the intakes and the exhaust system. Unfortunately the bikes continued to suffer from poor fueling and throttle response.
Model code: 371
1 New paint and striping
2 Colors: Maroon, Spanish Burgandy Metallic
1 Carburetors rejetted with new pilot and main jets
2 Balance tube added to intake manifolds downstream
3 Plunger type enrichers replace previous butterfly type chokes
4 Diameter of balance pipe between exhausts increased
running gear
1 Fork spring preload reduced